Asis Electronics, which is an automation and identification systems producer, is the only Turkish company that offers turn-key delivery solutions in this area with its domestic production devices and operating systems. The Company develops software on Smart Ticket systems, Vehicle tracking, card pass, Personnel Entry Control and People counting and carries out R & D Works. Software and hardware production which consist of the entire system is provided with its own equities. ASIS retains its leading position among the domestic companies with the experience and achievement it has gained as the result of the special projects carried out since its establishment in 2007. Asis Electronics aims to be a true “Business Partner” by covering every single software and hardware needs of its customers with a reasonable price policy, quality service by its experts and experienced staff within headquarter in İstanbul and Regional Offices which can serve every region of Turkey. Today, Asis Electronics, developed and continues to develop Customized Projects related to many automation systems such as; Vehicle Tracking Systems, Smart Card, Smart Stop, Smart Ticket, Smart City, Smart Tokens, Personnel Control Systems, Access Control Systems, Dining Credit Systems, People Counting Systems and so on. (1.Those Projects were put in to the field. 2. Asis make those projects alive )Asis applied those projects to the field by selling it directly or making a contract with corporate and individual customers. Our company gives great importance to R & D studies in every project. Asis Electronics is moving forward by using its own advanced technology to keep leading position in the market.

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